Nol Card Balance Check

Nol card Balance

What is Nol Card?

Nol Card is smart RTA Card created by Hong Kong company Octopus Cards Limited. All Modes of public transportation in Dubai were issued the RTA Nol Card, an electronic ticketing technology, in August 2009. Nol is an Arabic word, which means fare.

With the RTA NOL card, you may travel on Dubai’s public transportation services including the metro, buses, taxis, and trams without having to worry about carrying cash or buying tickets every time you go. This card also provides access to a number of additional services in Dubai, like paying for groceries and using parking meters and public parks.

Benefits of NOL Cards

The NOL Card was made available by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) as a method of paying for public transportation. You cannot pay with cash to ride the Metro, buses, or water buses. Finally, the NOL card’s uses have gone beyond transportation, and getting one gives you access to the benefits listed below.

  • Explore Dubai with a variety of modes of transportation.
  • No need to worry about carry cash
  • Enjoy affordable flights and simple parking payment
  • Enjoy special rates for seniors, students, and hard-working people.
  • Pay for groceries, food, and other products at licensed stores and salespeople.

Types of NOL Cards

Different NOL Card varieties exist, each with a unique top-up limit and validity duration. Pick the one that best fits your preferences and everyday transportation needs:

nol silver card

Silver Card

The NOL Silver Card is referred to as “the perfect starter card” and is excellent for new users. It costs only AED 25 (including AED 19 e-purse value) at any ticket outlet. This card has a top-up limit of AED 1000 and a maximum 5-year validity period.

nol gold card

Gold Card

The NOL Gold Card offers the same benefits as the Silver Card, but with the additional benefit of privileged access to Gold Class seats on the Metro. This card, which costs just AED 25 (including AED 19 in e-purse value) and is good for up to 5 years, has a top-up limit of AED 500.

nol blue card

Blue Card

A personalized smart card called the NOL Blue Card may be purchased for AED 70 (containing AED 20 in e-purse value). In the event that your card is lost or stolen, you can use it to retrieve your balance and use the secure online services it offers for topping off. Additionally, this card is necessary for concession fares (e.g., for students, seniors, and individuals with disabilities). It is good for up to 5 years and has a top-up maximum of 5000 AED.

Red Ticket

For just AED 2, you can purchase a paper-based NOL Red Ticket. It can be used for occasional trips where you just use one form of transportation. This card is good for up to 90 days and can be filled with up to 10 single trips or 5 daily passes.

Customized Card

Choose from 16 designs that were inspired by Dubai on the NOL Customized Card. It is available for purchase for AED 30 and is accepted for concession fares. This card is good for up to five years and has a top-up maximum of AED 1000.

Nol Card Conditions for Concession Prices

Students, hard-working individuals, and older citizens (Emiratis) are given special concession fares. The following records must be provided when applying for a NOL Card:

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  • National ID
  • Stamped letter from school/college/university stating your name, student ID number,
    education level, and academic year

People Of Determination

  • National ID
  • Copy of your permanent disability card issued by authorized entity

Senior Citizens (Emiratis)

  • National ID

NOL Card for Transport

The NOL Card can be used as payment for parking and public transportation:

1. Travel in Dubai Using Nol Card

Anytime you need to use the Metro, Tram, Buses, or Water Buses as a mode of public transportation, the NOL Card comes in useful. Depending on how many zones you travel through while in Dubai, the fare is computed and automatically taken out of your e-purse. During your journey, you can also “transfer” between buses and the metro using your card.

Your card can be used on the Metro by simply tapping it on the Metro gates as you enter and exit the station. Tap your card on the bus validators before boarding and exiting the vehicle if you’re taking a bus. Similar to this, whenever you ride the Tram, touch your card on the card reader device both before and after exiting the Tram.

2. Travel in Water Bus by Nol Card

Any sea ticket outlet in the Water Bus stations located throughout Dubai sells NOL Red Tickets. It can be topped off for up to 10 rides and used at any city Water Bus stop.

Before taking a Water Bus, you must add money to your e-purse if you have a NOL Silver, Gold, or Blue Card. Remember that there is a 3-hour time limit on Water Bus travels and that “transfers” from/to Water Buses are not permitted.

3. Pay for Parking using Nol Card

To use your e-purse for paid parking if you have a NOL Silver, Gold, or Blue Card, simply add value to it. To pay, simply tap it on the parking meter machine.

NOL Card for Non-Transport

The NOL Card may be used for the following non-transportation reasons, as was previously mentioned:

1. Use of Nol Card Buy Food and Groceries

Use your card as “Micro-Payment” at a number of authorized stores and sales representatives, including Aster Pharmacy, Burger King, Carrefour, Gloria Jeans, Lulu Hypermarket, Spinneys, and Zoom. Just swipe it through the card reader device.

Nol Card Used in Petrol Pumps

When filling up with petrol and diesel oil at ENOC and EPCO gas stations, use your NOL card as payment.

Use of Nol Card Parks and Museums Entry

You can enter museums like Al Shindagha Museum and Etihad Museum with your card, as well as public parks like Al Khor Park, Al Mamzar Park, and Quranic Park. Simply swipe it through the card reader at the park or museum’s entry.

Ways to Recharge NOL Card Online and Offline 

Your NOL Card can be recharge in several different ways. The following are the methods for adding money to it:

1. RTA Website

Go to the RTA’s Official Website and follow the instructions to recharge your RTA Nol Card online.

2. RTA App

Every driver and passenger would find than 40 services and features in the RTA Mobile App. It can also be used to recharge my NOL Card. Just download the app from the Windows Store, Google Play.

3. Service Centers

The service centers listed below allow you to recharge your card:

  • At every station of the Dubai Metro and Bus, there are vending machines.
  • Machines powered by solar energy are available at several bus stops.
  • All RTA Customer Happiness Centers have smart teller machines available.

4. Authorized Agents

You may recharge your NOL Card at more than 2000 authorized stores and sales agents.

5. Banks

You can recharge your NOL Card at Emirates NBD and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank branches.