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Nol to Nol Card Balance Transfer

If you’re planning to travel with your friend or partner on public transport, you must have an NOL card with enough amount of balance on the card. If there is no sufficient balance on the NOL card, You can share or transfer your NOL card Balance with your friends or loved ones. No need to worry you can also recharge by the RTA Website online or recharge at any metro station. Below, we’ve covered how to transfer the balance from one Nol card to another.

How to Transfer Nol Card Balance

You can use the RTA’s Public Transport app to transfer money between Nol cards by following these steps:

  • Visit RTA app and sign in
  • Activated NFC on your phone
  • Select the “nol to nol transfer” option
  • First, tap the Sender’s card from which you need to transfer the balance on the back of your phone
  • Then tap the Receiver’s card to which the balance will be transferred
  • Enter the amount you want to share in the box given.
  • Your card has been recharged

Nol Card Balance Transfer

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