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Easy Way to Check Nol Card Balance

All forms of public transportation in Dubai are issued the RTA Nol Card, an electronic ticketing card. The NOL card is a daily need for travelers in Dubai, UAE, whether they take the bus or the Dubai Metro train. Before entering the train stations, you can often tap your NOL card to check the Balance.

We need to know the balance on our Nol Card in order to ensure easy travel throughout Dubai. The Dubai government gives a Nol Card without worrying about carrying cash with you all the time.

How to Nol Card Balance Check

In the UAE, people can pay for public transportation and other services with a Nol Card. Nol Cards can be used in the UAE to pay for parking, shopping, and a variety of other services in addition to public transit. Nol Cards are a flexible and convenient payment option for locals and visitors because several supermarkets and commercial businesses also accept them.

It’s simply informed the several options to check the balance of your Nol Card online, Other options to check Nol Balance at metro stations, through an RTA mobile app, and via SMS. You may quickly check the balance on your Nol Card by following the instructions provided in this article.

Follow this RTA Public Transport link


Check Card Balance Using RTA Portal.

  • Goto RTA Homepage
  • Then Public transport
  • Then NOL
  • And then View NOL Card Balance

check nol card balance

Check Card Balance History

There are many options available if you don’t want to go to an RTA Center. To check your Card balance history call the RTA customer care line, use the mobile app or website, or send a text message to get balance details about your card. You can check the balance and history of your card using these quick, simple, and useful methods.

Find Nol Balance History using App

  • Sign in to the Nol Card app using your Nol user id and password
  • Click on the “Check Your Nol Balance” Link
  • Enter the Card number printed on the back of your Nol card in the Nol tag ID option and click View Balance
  • You will see the RTA Nol card balance history and other information on the display.
  • If you’ve a low Balance, You can recharge Nol card or Transfer your Nol Card balance.

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