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How to Check Nol Card Balance with Number

Nol Card allows Dubai citizens to carry a single card that manages the balance for the city’s tram, public buses, water buses, and metro systems. This one card gives you complete access to basically all types of public transport in the city. You can check the remaining Nol Card balance at the Metro Station ticket machine by tapping, using an online inquiry service, or by using an online RTA Website or smartphone application. You don’t need to pay with cash or swipe credit cards.

What should you do if you don’t know how much balance you have on your card and don’t want to go to the metro station to check it? It is better to check your card balance with a number using the RTA website online. So following this article, you will be able to check Nol card balance with a number.

Check Nol Card Balance with Number by RTA Website

Your RTA Nol card balance can be checked online in the most efficient and convenient way. On the RTA website, you can directly check your remaining balance. There is a specific NOL card balance checker on the website. For individuals who want nol balance check online without leaving their home.

First Visit the RTA Website and follow the instruction

Check Nol Card Balance with Number

Now Enter Your Nol Tag ID, Printed on your Nol Card, And ID Click on the Search Button

Nol Card Tag ID

It will display your NOL card balance on the screen.

Your Nol Card Remaining Balance

In this way, you can easily check your Nol Card Balance with a number using the RTA Website Online.



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